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Buster Browns


Dogs are our purpose and farmers are our mission. 

Raised on a dairy farm in Upstate, NY my childhood memories included lots of hard work and loving Newfie Dogs (Newfoundland dogs). Later in life, and owning dogs of my own - wanting to bring them everywhere with us, including events, vacations, and outdoor gatherings, my mom (Electa) inspired me to do a mobile dog snick-snackery cart.

The snick-snackery cart allows me to combine all the creative aspects of cooking with an opportunity to buy and promote NY farmers' produce with my love of all dogs.

The dog cart encourages families to wander out of the house and have adventures with their dogs. They wait so patiently all week to be with us; let's celebrate by creating family memories with the whole wolf-pack and giving them some extra love with Buster Browns' snick-snacks.

Thank you for loving your dog, appreciating farmers, and supporting us with Rochester's first dog cart serving farm fresh dog treats.


Hope to catch you out roaming with your pupsters.

Roam. Snack. Love Dogs.

Meet Milo-MiLov; he is our latest addition to our family, our Snuggle Puggle.

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